Kathy Benson Reviews: Swimming in Circles

Swimming in Circles: A Baby Chase Odyssey By Michael C. Barr ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Hope, I’d learn, has the power to induce amnesia.” I loved this line in Michael Barr’s book, Swimming in Circles: A Baby Chase Odyssey, as I think it captures so well what keeps us going on our journeys through infertility and loss. I […]

Letter From the Editor – Fall/Winter 2011

Hello Exhalers! I hope that this holiday season is being kind to you all, as I know how difficult a time of year it can be for those on the ALI (Adoption, Loss, and Infertility) journey. The leaves of Autumn have been cast to the ground, making way for the crispness that is Winter, and […]

“Meditating Mama” Watercolor by Angie M. Yingst

  About this Piece: “When I was pregnant with Lucia, I wanted a labor focal point. I kept coming back to this image of a pregnant woman meditating. I searched high and low for a little pregnant goddess sculpture or painting. I couldn’t find one, so I created a sculpture in red clay. I just […]

Shell by Ceil Drucker

You are a dream I once had floating in this soft, green sea. Your features waver in my memory like the flash of silver as a fish darts by; your skin soft and cool, like wet sand underfoot. Your eyes are forever closed like anemones in a tide pool, but still I search my imagination […]

Pumpkin Patch Dreaming by Amy McCarter

Dancing in the pumpkin patch scents of Autumn surround a little boy smiles messy curls bouncing on his head Running through the orange delight giggling with excitement and joy looking for the magic one Found, he turns his sparkling eyes to me I reach to hold his soft sweet hand he is gone.   About […]

Motion Blur by Deanna Roy

I can picture him how he would look now, thirteen, awkward, all elbows and knees. Most often he rides a bike, one foot firmly on the ground. One sock perpetually sags. In the softness of this scene, the edges blurred like a cinema dreamscape, I don’t see what is behind him, or ahead. It’s always […]

Daydreaming by Martha Wewer

This afternoon I sat at Fosters having a bowl of soup and daydreaming.  I love Fosters.  It’s bright and airy and reminds me of a coffee place I used to go to when I was in college.  It smells of espresso, and pastries, and pizzas being made in the oven.  There are large open tables […]

Hope by Elaine Stone

Facing infertility has been a long journey. The highs are really high. The lows are almost crushing. It’s not enough that your body fails you time after time, or that you see the mirrored disappointment on your husband’s face. It’s not enough to pray about it and want it until you no longer want to […]

The Impossible Dream by Kir Piccini

When I was younger, my dreams were fairly simple: the right prom dress, an A in English, the smile of a perfect guy that would shine in my direction. Of course, I had long term goals too: graduation from college, a thriving career, and somewhere along the way that smile would turn into a kneeling […]

Broken Baby, Broken Dreams by Tracey Trousdell

The minutes are ticking by, slowly. It’s just before 3 am and the sedatives have done nothing to calm my mind. Beside me, my husband’s chest rises and falls rhythmically and I resent his ability to sleep so soundly. Listening closely, I can faintly hear the whistling snore of my two year old daughter slumbering […]