Catherine Bayly Reviews: Still

Almost a year after meeting Stephanie Cole, in the virtual way we “meet” nowadays, we saw one another face to face.  Two mothers, each with a lost daughter—mine Sophie, and hers Madeline.  But what shocked me most was the way Stephanie was like every other mom—the moms in the grocery store, at the park or […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: “Mother of the Miscarried,” by Daniel McGregor

To the mother of the miscarried; From one who bows in meek observation. In the intimacy of mother and child, Which is born like the light into the universe. May I humbly give voice to inadequate words?   Might I find some expression to convey the anger of injustice The violence done to those most […]

Peace by Kalyn Bailey

  You found me there as my world shattered and fell apart, on that day when breathing made no sense. You came upon me in the chaos of a moment no one wanted to bear; a moment in time when “peace” shouldn’t have had a home, but still you came.   I couldn’t believe you […]