A Photograph of Us by Cheli Blasco

like the moon not yet full nestled in the leaves like me and you not fully formed already out of my body the breeze brings me you swiflty (too soon) swishes right back out but in the swishing I felt you not still caressing me pressing your breath sweet baby breath on my chest slobbery […]

On Scars & Healing by Kathy Benson

I have been in pelvic floor physical therapy for the past nine months, helping my body to heal from the trauma of trying to build our family since 2002. My therapist has focused a lot of her time and attention on my C-section scars, connective tissue, and all that has been impacted by our efforts, […]

Pruning Burning Bushes by Sarah M. Wells

Assailants A pair of bluebirds perch beside the nestingbox. They keep trying to fly in, twitter as they flutter, but a sparrow blocks the entrance. The bluebirds cheep and flap their feathers, fly frantically to the telephone wire. The male bird settles near the nestingbox on the roof and she follows, the female, a mother […]

For Sebastian’s Sake by Jason Garey

An elegy for Sebastian Peter Garey. Born in silence on April 6, 2013 Our sixth month journey was clear sailing Mama held you in safe harbor Our arms anxiously awaited you Our swelling hearts concurred Then darkness fell, devastation swept through Your tiny heart went silent Shock, disbelief, heartbreak shook us Like benign clouds gone […]

Death at Sea by Amy Lutes

miscarriage is like a death at sea in the olden days,when there was no choice but to throw the body overboard, and the mourning family would stand at the prow, watching the body sink, watching it slip away into the depths of an endless ocean, knowing they would never again pass by this way, knowing […]

Catherine Bayly Reviews: Still

Almost a year after meeting Stephanie Cole, in the virtual way we “meet” nowadays, we saw one another face to face.  Two mothers, each with a lost daughter—mine Sophie, and hers Madeline.  But what shocked me most was the way Stephanie was like every other mom—the moms in the grocery store, at the park or […]

Song Child By Shelly Price

Upon the christening of your passage, the Earth was still. All her creatures waited in reverent silence, poised to hear the sweet strains of your Song. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I set you apart.” The Song Giver composes a Song for each of his children […]

Puzzles by Vince Cogley

  One day, a child wandered into the toy store on his way to school. Inside, the world was alive on a smaller scale. A remote-controlled helicopter whirred by the child’s head on patrol around the shop. An electric train’s whistle cut through the air when the train emerged from a tunnel and trundled along […]

I Shall Find You by Kacy Wiant

Dearest Tank, I may have never known The way you blinked your eyes Or heard the sound of your pleading cries.. Never felt you tug my hair Or call me “Aunt Ace”, But I will know you In the depths of a sacred place. Human things could not contain your spirit, But God’s creation always […]

Scars by Sarah Caito

You can’t see the scars The marks left from grief The fear The anxiety Waiting for the other shoe to drop Waiting for the next terrible thing to happen Trying as hard as you can to Just stay positive Trying as hard as you can to Remember why you should Stay positive The scars of […]