Kathy Benson Reviews: Inconceivable

Inconceivable: A Medical Mistake, the Baby We Couldn’t Keep and Our Choice to Deliver the Ultimate Gift By Carolyn and Sean Savage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One of the first things that struck me about this book was how well written it was. I am not sure what I was expecting, but after reading the first few chapters, […]

Table of Contents Summer 2011

Theme: Time as the enemy. Time as the friend.  Letter from the Editor Poetry – Even Here, Even Now by Ceil Drucker Fiction – Stage of Growth by Shelley Decker Poetry – Death Is No Thing Where You Are Not by Catherine A.G. Bayly Essay – When Time Stands Still by Sara A. Clement Essay […]

Letter From the Editor – Summer 2011

  Dear Readers,   As someone who has personally dealt with both child loss and infertility, I know of the various roles that time can play for those in the Adoption, Loss and Infertility (ALI) community, and this is what inspired our theme, Time as the Enemy. Time as the Friend, for our Summer 2011 […]

Even Here, Even Now by Ceil Drucker

It hasn’t rained since August. Outside, a hot wind blows dust from the brown leaves of desert scrub. I gaze around at this dry and barren land and it seems to reflect my insides.   It is almost a year since your mysterious due date magic trick; my maternal dream shaken awake in a dark […]

Stages of Growth by Shelley Decker

  First Trimester: The first trimester of pregnancy begins when a fertilized egg implants into a woman’s uterus.  The first trimester ends when the fetus is 12 weeks old.   He lies down next to me and is instantly asleep.  I lie, my back to him, worrying.  Always the worrier.  Are we ready?  Rooms to paint, clothes to buy, and […]

Death Is No Thing Where You Are Not by Catherine A.G. Bayly

I sit on the deck, and the silence taken off from a breeze brushes my cheek. I must be cubbied just so beneath the eaves of the house. It is not nothing, cannot be nothing, there is something in that stillness. Something warm and static, the negative space That defines the small and large things […]

When Time Stands Still by Sara A. Clement

Looking into the summer sky, watching the clouds float by, I lay on the hill in my yard next to a large shaggy sheepdog that is ever present in my shadow.  It is the sheepdog that reminds me of the passing days. Two years ago, he arrived as a tiny ball of fluff, into my arms to […]

Unequal Pieces by St. Elsewhere

  Saw a thin crust on my stove today – remnants of a spill from the pot of boiling rice. I touched it. Brittle, it broke into tiny pieces af dried starch. The other day I was looking at the red patch I have developed on the side of my tummy, a gift of the […]

A Touch of Life by Jessica Watson

After years of fertility treatments and a successful round of in-vetro fertilization, our triplets were born at 28 weeks.  28 weeks and 5 days to be exact.  I was counting. After the threat of delivery at 19 weeks, 21 weeks, 24 weeks and every few days from then on, making it to my last trimester […]

Veil by Christy Zimmer Coyle

  She walks through the day with a smile on her face. If you listen you might hear the sound; a scream, a sigh a choked back goodbye. A piece of her heart’s in the ground.   Author Bio: Christy is a registered veterinary technician by trade, a perennial college student and occasional poet. She […]