Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: How I Remember You by Julie Forman

I stopped to watch the caged birds. They flitted and stretched in flashes of yellowbluebrownredgreen. The crowd of them was a storm of swirling molecules. But, up close, each could be identified by the smallest details. One particular canary had a cowlicked tuft of wing that fanned up like a showgirl’s plumage. The finches cracked […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: You Kept All My Tears by Franchesca Cox

The day Jenna died and I walked away from the hospital with empty arms I cried so many tears my face hurt and my soul felt dead Life was changed Death was real And I wondered if anybody knew about my tears. The day of the funeral came And I wondered why I had to […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: For a Moment by Teresa Mackey

I sit quietly in the rocking chair Waiting for my sweet angel to rest his head on my chest He flutters down from the heavens ever so graciously I know when he has landed because I smile and our electric love sparks and ignites. We are transported back to the NICU I feel his warm […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: The Miscarriage by Vicky Wallace

We’ve dreamed of you, embraced in arms Of baby smiles and stares We’ve loved you long before we knew If you were even there And there you were, two little lines A promise of new life First flash of white, your tiny heart A husband’s glowing wife You grew for only two short months And […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: I Like to Share Too by Susan Guilfoyle

You came at me, with smiles galore Bursting to share about your littlest one. I took a deep breath and said a quick prayer. I listened intently, focused on every word, Smiling, laughing and celebrating with you The news of his first smile. Please try to remember… I like to share too. You caught me […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: Standing in Stillness by Darshini Jacob

I was unbelievably elated as I saw two pink lines I thought this is it, this is my time! My days of weeping for a child are no more God has opened my womb’s locked door The beginnings led my feet to jump and leap Not knowing they were heading for a valley so deep… […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: Impasse by Sam Barlow

Where am I supposed to go to now? I question this in every inch of time I glance behind me and it’s all a blur Still life paintings there now, but once moments mine. Where am I meant to travel to now? I am stood still, at a stop, immovable heart, no signs I focus […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: A Reflection of Me by Sam Barlow

One inch closer, towards the mirror I see This new shape of someone who looks something like me I stare at her eyes, they hold such dark emptiness Once they shone brightly with faith and hopefulness For a future so wanted, so needed, so new All that is left is shards of it, held desperately […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: This is a Poem That Doesn’t Rhyme by Amy D.

This is a poem that doesn’t rhyme It doesn’t follow a sing-song cadence Wrapping up carefully and cleverly Ending on a high note This is a poem that doesn’t follow the right order A poem that ends before it begins Good bye before hello This is a poem where the words are awkward The phrases […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: Poem by Crissy Thompson

Dear baby, Today is the day you were supposed to arrive. The day you’d begin to grow and to thrive. Mommy and daddy were excited to see, The gift from heaven, you were supposed to be. We planned and we dreamed of your face and your life. Hoped you would never face hardships or strife. […]