“Belief: Before and After,” by Amy McCarter

Artist Statement: I wrote both of these pieces in 2011, just a few months apart from one another. “Just Believe” (found on the left side of the screen) was written as I was bottoming out emotionally after years of grieving my son, suffering through unexpected secondary infertility, and two years on a disappointing adoption journey. […]

Breathing by Kathy Benson

Inhale I see your picture in the frame on the bookcase. Exhale It reminds me you were here, you were real. Inhale I can’t believe how long it’s been since I carried you. Exhale My heart aches when I think about all we have been through together. Inhale I often feel your presence around me. […]

Bittersweet by Sharon Chatham

She smiles, she coos, she sings, she takes everything in, she holds me just as tight and snuggly as I hold her, she wiggles, she giggles, she grows, she sighs, she makes bubbles, she enjoys, she finds wonder, she holds my hand, she listens, she learns, she exudes a sense of humor, she loves, she […]

Lost and Found by Kristin Binder

The monitors beeped beside my head, their constant, even intervals offering no reprieve. What I felt, when allowed the luxury of feeling, was a sort of numbed down anxiety among waves of hopelessness. I guess there should have been some reassurance in the soothing chug-chug pattern filling the air, or at the very least, the […]

Kathy Benson Reviews: Falling Upward

Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr “The first task (of life) is to build a strong ‘container’ or identity; the second is to find the contents that the container was meant to hold.” Richard Rohr explains this theory in the introduction to his latest book, Falling Upward, about […]

The Cardigan by Helene Jangenfält

My sister and I are sorting clothes. She has brought me two bags of things, which her little boy has outgrown. He’s just a month older than my youngest, but he’s fourteen pounds already and looks like he’s six months old when we put him next to my little one who we just recently brought […]

Ali Furtwangler Reviews: Empty Cradle, Broken Heart

I’ve been reading Empty Cradle, Broken Heart by Deborah Davis and I’ve come away with a few really good points. First and foremost, there was the comforting affirmation that, yes, I am allowed to grieve however I want and am able.  The validation that no one has the right to tell me how long I am […]

A Feast For What Was Lost by Kim O’Connell

One night not too long ago, my brother Dean and I were helping my mother up my front steps in the darkness, jockeying her suitcases, a get-well balloon, and her walker. She had endured a lengthy surgery to correct severe spinal stenosis, a condition that had caused her chronic pain, and would be staying with […]

Combing My Ground by St. Elsewhere

With the length of TTC behind me, my one dream in this journey became  the wish to know what a BFP looked like. What it felt like to be sitting in a waiting room, not waiting to join the range of pregnant bellies but rather walking with one. Life disintegrated into counting menstrual cycles, plotting days […]

Fish-Bird-Kite by Nicole Breit

Fish-Bird-Kite 1. I am a murky expanse. You are watery and fetal. I can taste you, Jellyfish. There is the iron smell-taste in my nose, clotted damp earth in my mouth. My body may be at sea, but my mind is a vessel. And you, over time, no longer boneless: the tiniest known chordate with […]