Midnight Musings by Kali Lindner

February 8th This last little while has been a strange mix of fear and hope. Bright red warned me at every moment that something was wrong; a few strong kicks let my mind wander to paint colors and lullabies. I tried to keep my body very, very still, so as to not rupture all of […]

Poetry by Daniel McGregor

Childless Baptism Voices in joyful conversation Families gather in the Narthex Each with anticipated pride Arms baring the Lord’s bounty. Process down the isle Toward the blessed baptismal water Grace given manifest form Sacrament of inclusion and embrace. Empty arms, broken hearts We step to the altar We hold no child So Sorrow dances on […]

CH Reviews: The Dive

On September 7, 2011, I ended an unplanned pregnancy. Only six weeks earlier, a doctor told my partner and I joyfully that, well yes, we were going to be proud parents. I sat in shock for a moment before a smile spread across my face. The shock never left his. Before we had spoken a […]

Breathing New Life into a Torn Soul by Mel Lefebvre

The things I have forgotten since losing my son to a fatal genetic disease seem silly to me, like breathing. Who forgets to breathe? Me. After Henry died, I neglected other basic and simple self-maintenance needs. Showering. Eating. Getting comfort from friends. My baby is dead – why do any of these things matter? I […]

Before and After by Emily Geering

Life is now divided. There was the time before our daughter, Charlie, was born sleeping at forty weeks of age. And the period which followed. I’m certain most bereaved parents would echo that such gut-wrenching loss is life-changing. I’m also sure that would come as no surprise to those fortunate to have never experienced such […]

In My Back Pocket by Angela Miller

i carry all my sons with me, at all times—   two on the curves of my hips, and   one, folded, preserved— tucked neatly inside the back pocket of my heart.   Bio: Angela Miller is the mother of three boys, two she holds in her arms, and one she forever holds in her […]

I Will Carry You Here by Angela Miller

  the more fully i live in the moment, without holding back, without staying stuck in what was, what could have been— the more fully you live on through me, right here, right now— the more fully our love goes on and on, the ripple effect never ending. (i will carry you here.) together we […]

Traveling by Amy McCarter

  April 2008 I traveled solo for the first time this past weekend. I was anxious of course, leaving my comfort zone, leaving Jason and the dogs, facing babyland alone.Preparations were made and a plan formed. I charged the iPod and packed 3 books and my journal. My cell phone charged and ready. I reminded myself not […]

Doves of Peace – Photography by Hannah Mullins

    About This Piece: Our second son, Asher, was stillborn at 35 weeks on 11/01/2012. The first night home from the hospital without him was so hard. My husband Brian and I decided to go and lay out the front of our house and look up at the stars. We were so heartbroken. We […]

Franchesca Cox Reviews: He Heard Hannah

In Lynnette Kraft’s book, He Heard Hannah, you are taken on a very personal journey of her losing a daughter at age six. She has a way of drawing you into their world in the country – the peaceful, yet simple life they lead, and as so here can relate to – the day that […]