On Scars & Healing by Kathy Benson

I have been in pelvic floor physical therapy for the past nine months, helping my body to heal from the trauma of trying to build our family since 2002. My therapist has focused a lot of her time and attention on my C-section scars, connective tissue, and all that has been impacted by our efforts, […]

Puzzles by Vince Cogley

  One day, a child wandered into the toy store on his way to school. Inside, the world was alive on a smaller scale. A remote-controlled helicopter whirred by the child’s head on patrol around the shop. An electric train’s whistle cut through the air when the train emerged from a tunnel and trundled along […]

Measures by Kelly Garrity

Infertility is a disease and constant battle that has many faces. Every version of the journey is unique whether you have had one miscarriage or three, pprom, stillbirth, years of not getting pregnant, one facet is the same. We have no control over what is happening to our body and in many cases, though we […]

Midnight Musings by Kali Lindner

February 8th This last little while has been a strange mix of fear and hope. Bright red warned me at every moment that something was wrong; a few strong kicks let my mind wander to paint colors and lullabies. I tried to keep my body very, very still, so as to not rupture all of […]

Breathing New Life into a Torn Soul by Mel Lefebvre

The things I have forgotten since losing my son to a fatal genetic disease seem silly to me, like breathing. Who forgets to breathe? Me. After Henry died, I neglected other basic and simple self-maintenance needs. Showering. Eating. Getting comfort from friends. My baby is dead – why do any of these things matter? I […]

Before and After by Emily Geering

Life is now divided. There was the time before our daughter, Charlie, was born sleeping at forty weeks of age. And the period which followed. I’m certain most bereaved parents would echo that such gut-wrenching loss is life-changing. I’m also sure that would come as no surprise to those fortunate to have never experienced such […]

Traveling by Amy McCarter

  April 2008 I traveled solo for the first time this past weekend. I was anxious of course, leaving my comfort zone, leaving Jason and the dogs, facing babyland alone.Preparations were made and a plan formed. I charged the iPod and packed 3 books and my journal. My cell phone charged and ready. I reminded myself not […]

Finding Peace in the Now by Sara A. Clement

Now. What is Now? I breathe in and out slowly.  I feel the air rushing into my lungs.  I feel myself push it out again.  Old air.  What was once part of me gets pushed into space and disappears.   Oh yes, it’s still there.  But I can’t see it.  I can’t feel it.  It has […]

The Moments, by Robyna May

  It has been nearly five months since our darling second born son was stolen away from us by SIDS.  Yesterday.  A lifetime ago.  A moment ago.  At times it feels like he wasn’t even born to me – he was born to a girl I used to know.  She holds his life whilst I […]

Peace by Heidi Kauffman

  Peace. Certainly not a word that was in my vocabulary shortly after my son, Kail, was stillborn on March 31, 2006. Words like disbelief, pain, guilt and rage were a more accurate description of my thoughts and feelings. I felt so betrayed by my body. I had two healthy children from a previous marriage, […]