FALL/WINTER 2012 COVER IMAGE: “Finding Peace,” by Joanne Watkinson

About this piece: It is a picture of my husband and daughter, one month after the stillbirth of our son, Zach. We flew from the United Kingdom to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands for a weeks vacation. In this time, we were able to reflect on everything that had happened, and when we visited the […]

Summer Issue – Change featuring “Bloom,” by Stephanie Dyer

Welcome to the late Summer 2012 issue of Exhale. Our theme for this issue is Change. Over the next several weeks we will be sharing unique voices from the adoption, loss and infertility communities that expand on this theme through powerful essays, poetry, fiction and works of art. Our cover image for this issue is […]

“Carnival” Watercolor by Angie M. Yingst

About this piece:   “I have painted the image of myself in a hospital gown holding my stillborn daughter Lucia a few times, exploring it in different capacities and settings. Standing in the midst of a grey field. Another time in the sketchbook project.  It is a moment in time that seems frozen. In the […]

Cover Image – Rainbow Baby by Sharon Chatham

Author Bio: Sharon Chatham is Mommy to her Angel son Trey and her Earthly Daughter Lorelei! After losing her son to CHARGE Syndrome in 2009, Sharon decided to journal her grief and life in hopes that her journey will help someone struggling much the same way she has and to bring awareness to fertility and […]

“Meditating Mama” Watercolor by Angie M. Yingst

  About this Piece: “When I was pregnant with Lucia, I wanted a labor focal point. I kept coming back to this image of a pregnant woman meditating. I searched high and low for a little pregnant goddess sculpture or painting. I couldn’t find one, so I created a sculpture in red clay. I just […]