Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: “Ode to Evelyn Marie,” by Andy Kunkel

Trees flow, oceans grow When it stops no one knows Now you’re here, then you’re gone It’s one family that we all belong One is happy, one is sad One is good, one is bad You are mine, not for long Up to heaven you belong The hour is up, the time is near You […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: Asher’s Poem by Hannah Mullins

My arms have never felt so empty My spirit has never felt so crushed My heart has never felt so broken My body has never gone through so much And yet amidst this torment and pain I know and feel my God is here Comforting my weary soul And soothing all my fears He is […]

In My Back Pocket by Angela Miller

i carry all my sons with me, at all times—   two on the curves of my hips, and   one, folded, preserved— tucked neatly inside the back pocket of my heart.   Bio: Angela Miller is the mother of three boys, two she holds in her arms, and one she forever holds in her […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: “Mother of the Miscarried,” by Daniel McGregor

To the mother of the miscarried; From one who bows in meek observation. In the intimacy of mother and child, Which is born like the light into the universe. May I humbly give voice to inadequate words?   Might I find some expression to convey the anger of injustice The violence done to those most […]

I Will Carry You Here by Angela Miller

  the more fully i live in the moment, without holding back, without staying stuck in what was, what could have been— the more fully you live on through me, right here, right now— the more fully our love goes on and on, the ripple effect never ending. (i will carry you here.) together we […]

Traveling by Amy McCarter

  April 2008 I traveled solo for the first time this past weekend. I was anxious of course, leaving my comfort zone, leaving Jason and the dogs, facing babyland alone.Preparations were made and a plan formed. I charged the iPod and packed 3 books and my journal. My cell phone charged and ready. I reminded myself not […]

Doves of Peace – Photography by Hannah Mullins

    About This Piece: Our second son, Asher, was stillborn at 35 weeks on 11/01/2012. The first night home from the hospital without him was so hard. My husband Brian and I decided to go and lay out the front of our house and look up at the stars. We were so heartbroken. We […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday “Fortitude,” by Tammy Diu

When will this pain Go? …. If it is to leave me Stronger… When will strength come? Lord, I need to sit at Your feet Restore me. I want to smile again, I want to trust again Tears fill my eyes Can’t understand Why am I hurting? Can’t comprehend… Why things happen. I feel fragile […]

Finding Peace in the Now by Sara A. Clement

Now. What is Now? I breathe in and out slowly.  I feel the air rushing into my lungs.  I feel myself push it out again.  Old air.  What was once part of me gets pushed into space and disappears.   Oh yes, it’s still there.  But I can’t see it.  I can’t feel it.  It has […]

Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday, “Consecrated to God,” by Susan Carter

  You left too soon… for me I never heard you laugh, or cry, or talk Never saw you smile, or sit, or crawl Never got to watch you while you slept Though I felt you move After you were born I had sleepless nights Days of sorrow and endless tears I wish I had […]