Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: The Miscarriage by Vicky Wallace

We’ve dreamed of you, embraced in arms
Of baby smiles and stares
We’ve loved you long before we knew
If you were even there

And there you were, two little lines
A promise of new life
First flash of white, your tiny heart
A husband’s glowing wife

You grew for only two short months
And yet you needed nine
Deep in our hearts we must have known
T’was not our baby’s time

With heavy hearts
And tears in eyes
We grieve our missing bun
With hand in hand and side by side
This promise now undone

Yet there is hope the baby said
To the husband and the wife
If this was easy, it would not be called
The miracle of life

A miracle you shall receive
Look to the midnight sky
One star is yours, so do not grieve
Your baby butterfly

Your child will come,
They always do
Trust me, I can see
With strength in love and side by side
Two parents you shall be


Bio: Vicky Wallace is a 29 year old Play Therapist in Vancouver and is about to become a foster parent with her husband. She has had several early miscarriages and has just found out she is pregnant again! She is very hopeful to meet her rainbow baby in May.

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