Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: For a Moment by Teresa Mackey

I sit quietly in the rocking chair

Waiting for my sweet angel to rest his head on my chest

He flutters down from the heavens ever so graciously

I know when he has landed because I smile and our electric love sparks
and ignites.

We are transported back to the NICU

I feel his warm skin against mine and his toes tickle my belly

In our NICU there are no beeping machines or alarms incessantly ringing

Samuel and I are in the recliner all settled and comfortable

Our hearts beat as one; we are forever a part of each other

Our naps are shorter now, like a star shooting across the night sky

I embrace my angel tight and give him a kiss

I open my eyes, maybe too quickly because

Visualizing my son in my arms is not the same as having him in my arms

I sit quietly in the rocking chair

Thankful for the moment.


Bio: I am Samuel’s mommy. My son will forever remain 11 weeks old. Samuel was born premature on January 27, 2013 at 26.5 weeks due to an intrauterine infection. Being premature and having to fight so hard in the NICU ended his life on April 14, 2013.

It is now five months since Samuel died. The intense agony of grief has subsided, only to resurface on its own terms. Poetry is a way for me to release and understand the powerful emotions that my heart doesn’t want to endure. It’s also a way for me to communicate with my son as I truly believe it is Samuel working his magic in creating these heartfelt pieces. I miss him so much, at times it is unbearable. But, I choose love over fear and I choose to see the many blessings that this little baby gives me everyday. Thank you for choosing me Samuel. Thank you for loving me sweet boy! I love you! Always & Forever.

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