Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday: Asher’s Poem by Hannah Mullins

My arms have never felt so empty
My spirit has never felt so crushed
My heart has never felt so broken
My body has never gone through so much

And yet amidst this torment and pain
I know and feel my God is here
Comforting my weary soul
And soothing all my fears

He is taking my heavy burden
And sustaining me through this grief
And when I think upon the cross
I find such sweet relief

The precious child whom I once carried
Is now tucked among His fold
Never to glance at this sin-filled world
Never having to grow old

So now this mother waits
Until that glorious day
When I’ll be taken up to heaven too
And forever there I’ll stay

Where my arms will have never felt so full
Where my body will have never felt so restored
Where my heart will have never felt so healed
Where my spirit will feel such great reward 

When my soul will rest in the arms of God
Nothing will be sweeter
Than singing praises with my children
To my Rock and my Redeemer

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