Still Standing’s Poetry Sundays: “Of This We Will Not Speak” by Angie Yingst


You came into my home,

and did not speak of death.

But death was what we were doing.


We smoked it into our fallen lungs,

  puffed it out until it hung in rings above our head.

We leaked it from our unused breasts until it pooled
below us.

We ate stillbirth for brunch with runny quiche.

We sipped on eulogies, written in deep merlot ink.

We shat bills for cremation services and grief counseling.

We collected tears,

   a brackish grey water system for our memorial gardens

You said that death talk made you uncomfortable.

And besides, you said, you wouldn’t want to talk of death,
if your baby died.


I thought that I would call you again

when I could speak of something other than death.


I still think that some days.



**This poem, taken from the collection Of This We Will Not Speak, by Angie M. Yingst. Image Credit: Angie Yingst

Author Bio:

After the death of her second daughter, Angie M. Yingst began writing about grief, art, religion, and parenting at her blog still life with circles, chosen in 2010, as one of the top 50 Must-Read Mom Blogs by Parenting Magazine and Blogher. Angie is founder and editor of still life 365, an on-line journal for families to explore grief through art, craft, and poetry. She is the editor and a regular contributor at Glow In The Woods, a website dedicated to writing by parents grieving the loss of one or more babies. Angie is also an accomplished artist and painter. She holds a B.A. in Religion from Temple University.

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