Still Standing’s Poetry Sunday-“Sweet Jaden,” by Tanya Baranoski

Sweet Jaden


Images: Tanya Baranoski

Today it’s been a year

Since God has called you home

We miss you more than anything,

This I hope you know.

So many people love you,

and we can’t believe you’re gone.

We get so mad sometimes, because

in our arms, is where you belong.

But we were blessed to have you briefly

and we had to let you go

We wish we knew the reason,

but I guess we will never know.

I pray that you are happy,

as happy as can be.

I often wake up worrying,

that you’re crying out for me.

We wish that we could hold you,

and kiss you one last time.

It breaks my heart to know,

that you’re no longer mine.

For now you are an angel

I’m sure it’s lots of fun.

Fly high, our baby boy

And remember, you’ll always be our son.



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  1. Andrea Amu says:

    This is beautifully written!
    Bless you!

  2. What a sweet baby boy….and a poignant piece of writing. My heart goes out to you. ((((hugs))))) Erica

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