Bittersweet by Sharon Chatham

She smiles,
she coos,
she sings,
she takes everything in,
she holds me just as tight and snuggly as I hold her,
she wiggles,
she giggles,
she grows,
she sighs,
she makes bubbles,
she enjoys,
she finds wonder,
she holds my hand,
she listens,
she learns,
she exudes a sense of humor,
she loves,
she knows,
she chills,
she snoozes,
she lives…
I missed ALL of that with him…

Author Bio:

Sharon Chatham is Mommy to her Angel son Trey and her Earthly Daughter Lorelei. After losing her son to CHARGE Syndrome in 2009, Sharon decided to journal her grief and life in hopes that her journey will help someone struggling much the same way she has and to bring awareness to fertility and infant loss. She writes honestly and emotionally and provides resources for Angel Parents like herself.

Photo Credit: “Rainbow Baby” by Sharon Chatham

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  1. So simple and yet so powerful. We are experiencing everything you’ve captured above with our rainbow right now & I have trouble finding the words to express the contrast between the love & pain it brings. Bittersweet captures it exactly!

  2. Jen Paterchak says:

    beautiful and so true. my rainbow is 1yo. so very bittersweet at times. thank you for sharing this. <3

  3. My eight week old rainbow is a daily reminder of what I missed but you are right, bitter but so,so sweet.

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