Hope by Elaine Stone

Facing infertility has been a long journey. The highs are really high. The lows are almost crushing.

It’s not enough that your body fails you time after time, or that you see the mirrored disappointment on your husband’s face.

It’s not enough to pray about it and want it until you no longer want to want it anymore. To reach the point where you would give anything for the desire to be taken from you.

It’s not enough to feel jealous, and then guilty, when someone around you becomes pregnant, or gives birth, because as happy as you are for them, it is always bitter-sweet.

It’s not enough to walk through a department store in tears as you pass the baby section, or to have both tampons and pregnancy tests in your cart at the same time.

It’s not enough for others to say, “You can always adopt,” or, “Just quit trying and it will happen.”

It’s not enough to face another baby shower, with all those emotions running through you, and feel like there is no one in the world who understands what you are feeling.

All of these things are still not enough to extinguish my hope.


Author Bio:

Elaine Stone is a writing and sewing enthusiast, living in a small town with big dreams of starting her family.



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